Software Programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • or any earlier version of these programs

Wherever possible native files are preferred and will ensure a smooth workflow.

  • Ensure that no layers are hidden or locked. Delete all unnecessary layers that were used solely for the creative design process.
  • Please supply a Colour Hardcopy Printout or PDF for layout and checking purposes. Note: Colour laser or inkjet printers are not considered colour correct. Part of our workflow will be to provide you with a digital colour proof for approval.
  • Knife lines are to be supplied as a separate layer in a contrasting colour on the art file. Be aware that the more complex a knife shape, the more expensive and difficult a job may become. Attempt to keep knife lines smooth and flowing where possible. Please add 5mm bleed where artwork is to be cut to shape into colour.
  • We can accept PDF files, however we are very restricted as to how we can prepare or manipulate the files for output, ie. alterations, colour corrections, or special trapping etc.


  • Where possible all artwork should be supplied at 100% size.
  • Scaled artwork is fine for large format work.
  • Please ensure the scaling and/or final dimensions are noted on your hard copy or PDF. Also check your image resolution to ensure it meets our requirements when scaled to full size.

Images and Colour

  • All images should be supplied as CMYK.
  • Be aware that an exact match of a PMS colour using process inks is not always possible to achieve. Please consult a “PMS to Process” guidebook, or consult Allprint for more information. Individual PMS colours should be specified where desired. Please delete any PMS colours that are not required, from your Colour Palette.
  • Please be aware that there may be some unavoidable colour variations within promotions printed over a variety of different printing processes. This is due to the inherent differences between each of the printing techniques and different stocks. Allprint will manage these variations at all times.


  • All fonts used to create artwork should be supplied in their font suitcase, or wherever possible, be supplied outlined. Outlining will increase file size and will also prevent minor type changes being made.


  • 300ppi at finished size.
  • If possible, please supply the .psd file so layers can be separated and colour corrections done if required.


  • Please add 5mm bleed all round where images are cut into colour.

File Delivery

Allprint is able to accept files in the following formats:-

  • Disk – CD or DVD
  • Email – send to your Allprint Account Manager, and advise after emailing file, as delivery of large files via email can be unreliable. We can accept any size file, but your network may have limitations. It is best to keep files under 5Mb in size.
  • We accept web based transfers such as and

If you have any further questions, please contact your account manager or our team on 02 9898 0500.