The Humour Foundation

Clown DoctorAllprint are proud to support The Clown Doctors, which is a program run by The Humour Foundation in partnership with medical professionals, to help children and their families during stressful and sometimes painful procedures. The Clown Doctors are highly trained, professional performers who use jokes, songs, magic and play to entertain and distract the kids, families and hospital staff during difficult times.

COVID-19 has brought with it particularly difficult times.
Please watch this special video Hospital Staff Champions Tribute

Please visit the The Humour Foundation website for more information.


Cure Cancer Australia


Cancer is a disease that can strike any of us and I’m sure we have all been affected in some way by this disease.
Allprint Graphics lost one of our valued team during early 2018 to Cancer.  Terry Rogers was a key long-term employee who after a long battle lost his life to Cancer, leaving behind his wife and two sons.

In memory of Terry, we donated at a recent Cure Cancer Australia fund raising event and have dedicated a perpetual award from “The Bobbin Head Cruising Club” to the memory of Terry.

Cure Cancer Australia funds bright young emerging researchers early in their careers to advance the fight against ALL types of cancer. We encourage you to have a look at Cure Cancer Australia’s website and support this great cause.